Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello Gorgeous!

SO its been a while since I blogged huh.

L, and I are sitting on the couch for a few minutes before we dig into homework and she is currently brushing my hair. um, hello? This is the life! The puppies, Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley are curled up next to us completely content, L says "They are cuter than they have ever been." Then she said, "well they really are Devil Dogs, cute adorable Devil Dogs!" haha and that is the truth!

L, is one of the girls I nanny for out here in the great state of Massachusetts. She asked when the last time I updated was so I said a while, lets do one right now!!

LIFE is pretty good, expensive, but good. I really love Boston! Love my job, love my ward, love my calling (I'm the RS secretary), and love my new friends!

Hope all is well for all of you!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

So...this sorta just happened, and I couldn't be happier!

I LOVE Order. Love it. Crave it. Have to have it. However, I am sort of a nomad, which doesn't really naturally constitute order. I have lived in 16 different apartments in the last 11 years and that doesn't include all the times I have moved in with my parents in-between places. The ironic thing is that I don't like to move and I am total homebody. But for whatever reason I rarely stay put for long. I mean I've lived in Boston, what 4 months and I have already moved. I was debating how long I am planning on staying in this current house and if I really want to 'move in'. I was going back and forth again and again and I got some really good advice from my sister and my best friend. Both said to settle down. Move in. Make it your home. I am planning on being in Boston for at least another year, and I might as well not live in limbo as much as possible. Well I took their advice and I made my room my own. I actually painted!! I should show you the before pics but they are on my roommates camera. I will explain for now. The walls in my room were this gray green grossness and the trim and doors were a nondescript tan/gray/purple color. So so gross. I painted the walls white and the trim black and made the wall my bed is on an accent wall and painted it a deep turquoise blue. SO pretty! I LOVE how it turned out. I made that wreath, hung pictures on the walls, threw rugs on the floor etc. Here is a visual tour through my new, moved in, room.

Okay Here We Go!!

Here are a few shots of the details of the wreath I made. I got the fantastic idea from a blog I love called Our Best Bites!
Gotta Love Tulle!
also, notice the awesome color of my wall...

We are now showing a few shots of the 2nd entrance to my bedroom and the closet door set in this little nook. Very black and white. Gasp! I totally forgot to show you the inside of the closet door! Its awesome! Remind me and I will add a pic.

Oh whats that you say? Zebra striped purse? Yeah doesn't sound like me does it. Well thats because that is what I bought my best friend for her Bday and I just haven't sent it yet. Hope you like it Sassafrass!! (spoiler alert for Sass...guess I should have said that before I showed the pic huh?)

See this blurry photo? I got that little rack for free and then I painted it with left over paint from my accent wall. Perfect for my scarves!

This is a close up of a corner of my room. I hung up a few of my favorite photos. Amber and I snagged that little black table from the street the night I moved in. Clothes Hamper! Notice I put a cute basket under the little table for projects and stuff. Currently it holds 3 balls of yarn I got for free. I wish I could remember how to knit.

This is another sweet gem Amber and I snagged from the street!! I painted it blue one beautiful warm Saturday. Its amazing how good creating something can make you feel! Just pretend you can't see all those cords! I only have one socket in my room...just saying.

Here is a close up of the windows! The radiator is beneath this one but I just love how the black and white just kept on going and going! Not even on purpose!

When my parents came out they brought an extra suitcase full of my stuff. In it they brought these three magnetic boards I love! Underneath it is a white bookshelf. I will have to show you the insides sometime. The cover is actually a curtain I got on sale 2 panels for 6 bucks!

This is the other entrance to my room.
Again, notice the blue wall! How can you not love this wall!?!

I picked this bedspread up on sale at Target. It was the inspiration for the rest of my room. So full of drama! I covered that four drawer tupperware thing with discount sheer polka dot fabric, perfect fit with the theme 'cause you can see the white peeking through!
I love how the wreath grounds the bed.

Remember my obsession with order? I feel like this station will really help me implement order in my life. I cannot live without a whiteboard and a cork board!
See that awesome dresser? That's the one Amber sent me in the mail!

Hopefully things are piecing together for you. I don't want to brag, but I made that mirror! I got them at the dollar store then hot glued them all together. It turned out fantastic I think. and super cheap too!

Another picture of my order wall!

This concludes my room. I will have to take a few more shots of the details that I forgot!

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of my room. We work on tips so gratuities are excepted, there is a bowl on your way out for your convenience.

Thank you!!

I'm a grown up now!

SOOO I bought a couch the other day. No big deal. Just you know a whole couch, like a sectional. Again, no big deal right? Wrong! It is a BIG deal! I felt like a legit adult, buying real furniture. Not just IKEA furniture. I got it at a discounted furniture store here in MA and I went in with like 10 mins total and ran around with a salesman and my new roommate Cristina. I'm not joking, I literally ran up and down the isles touching as many couches as I could rejecting most by feel alone. A few lucky couches were blessed with my backside for a few minutes while I tried to imagine how it would look in my place now, how it would look in all my places in the future. My roommate's only question, "Can we eat popcorn on this couch?". Haha you see you can't eat popcorn on a light colored couch. I finally settled on a nice red one that had passed my texture test (for those of you who don't know, I have a thing for textiles and some say microsuede or whatever the devil its called is exactly that, from the devil, autumn had a stuffed pig that was that texture and I would hide it all the time 'cause I hated its texture!) Anyway, it was in my price range and I thought, what the heck its fine. but then as we were walking to check out, I saw it. This robin egg blue square sectional, I approached it holding my breathe as I reached out to texture test it, and BAM! It passed! Next test was the derriere and it passed there too! My roommate and I promptly took it apart and moved it all around configuring it this way and that and sticking both couch sides together makes it into one LONG couch! It was PERFECT!! and lets be serious, LOVE at first sight! The price was above my pay range but it was such a steal I tore off the tag and ran to the register just as two women came and sat on and admired my couch! The sales lady actually told them to get off the couch because I was buying it and it was not for them! haha! A few days later my roommate and her ahem soon to be boyfriend picked up my couch and surprised me that they could get it in one load! It seriously felt like Christmas! It was all wrapped up in plastic and it was all I could do to keep from ripping it off and flinging my body on it. But like most grown-ups, my rational side came out and I decided I should probably clean the 4 pounds of soot out of the fireplace and scotch guard the thing before sitting on it. I feel as if I have given birth to a child and I don't want anyone breathing on it, or touching it. I am a freak. I barely can sit on it I'm so afraid it might get you know, used! haha I'm slowly breaking it in. Problem is that my house is so cold no one likes to be in the front room. Next purchase (maybe for Christmas?) are some drapes for the front room. I'm thinking a plum-ish type purple. Anyway, here are a couple pics for your enjoyment!

Here it is!

Look at that clean fireplace!!

Its been way too long huh.

SO much to catch you all up on! SO much it makes my head spin, or maybe my head is spinning because I have a cold? Either way my head is spinning and I have a lot to say. I don't have a lot of time at the moment, but I have moved from my first digs in Boston to another place also in Boston, this time closer to the city though. I want to show you my new place! I love it! Also, a lot has happened. I got a job-I love it!! My sister got married, my other sister came out for a visit we went to NYC (where I got to see one of my closest friends, Hi Lizzie!), two weeks later my parents came for a visit, I moved, I changed wards, made some awesome friends, went to my first Red Sox game! became an official resident of Massachusetts, got a new calling in my ward, completely decorated my room, bought a couch and tried a million new recipes. SO, lots to share, lots to expound upon, lots on the horizon, like I am going to NaNoWriMo, don't know what that is? look it up! SUPER excited about this and only 4 more days till I start. I want to leave you all with a little visual teaser, I made this last week and I also painted that wall! I know the pic is blurry, my camera died shortly after this was taken and I couldn't find my charger so I will take a better one but until then here you go! I hope all is well with everyone!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I am dying here!

It literally feels as if I am going to explode. I have been waiting the WHOLE day to hear back about 2 different jobs that I have interviewed for here in Boston. Its kind of getting down to the wire with the job thing and I was really excited about these opportunities. I can't believe it is almost 7pm and I haven't heard. I am seriously thinking that that means a big fat NO, and that is where we cue, anxiety. Yup my dear old friend whom I haven't spent much time with lately, thank you very much has decided it would be fun to camp out inside of me.

I think all this could be cured, well at least subdued with a big ol' fat brownie and a huge scoop of vanilla icecream drizzled with Mrs. Richardson's hot fudge sauce. Follow this up with a big ol' pepperoni pizza eaten with homemade ranch dressing, or a gigantic baked potato loaded with cheese, chili and sour cream, and did i mention cheese? Speaking of cheese, how about a lovely slice of new york cheesecake? OR I could just go with pounding a large warm loaf of french bread with a tub of margarine to slather on it with homemade strawberry freezer jam. Um hello? Can we say that I sound like an emotional eater? Well, if the shoe fits I guess. Don't worry though I will go and eat my little chicken tender with no salt and steamed broccoli and an apple (its the apples that are saving my life...) and see if I die before the night is through. Though I would give anything to do just what I want to...almost.

So here I sit. I was going to take a nap. I didn't. Because, well, I didn't want to sound like I had been taking a nap perchance they called. I wanted to go to the temple, but what if Im there and they call?! So here I sit, trying to entertain myself while my anxiety grows and grows. If I'm dead tomorrow, you'll know why.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Pictoral View of my Boston Digs.

So here is my humble view of my boston experience so far. Its been an interesting journey. I drove 2,600ish miles across the country in less than 4 days, visited with my sister, a couple I taught on my mission, both Kirtland and Palmyra sites, had an awesome evening with the Purdy's, spent some time with my cousin and his family, found a place to live, went to a new ward, made new friends, and interviewed for a job in less than a week. Tonight marks a week from my first night in Boston. It doesn't seem like I could have been here this long, but I have! I feel like such a bum because I haven't accomplished more, but my best friend Sass pointed out everything I have done in the last week and that I should be tired.

Boston is/has:
Big, but small feeling.
Has the craziest drivers in the world! (lots of fun stories to come!)
Has had a range of temperatures from 100 degrees to 57 degrees since I've been here.
Humidity! hello puffy hair. (No wonder I wore my hair in a bun my whole mission! haha)
It costs $13 to go to a movie!
People who have never hear of UTAH!
Awesome crazy accents.
Jess threatened me to not come back sounding like them. haha wish me luck!
Awesome grocery stores! Whole Foods and Trader Joes! (still not as good as Wegmans but...)
Nice people. and people who stalk....more stories on that later.

Okay, here we go...

Here is my house. I live in Medford, MA. It is about 7 miles from Boston. Don't worry it still takes like 45 minutes to drive...AH!
It looks kind of grand here doesn't it? haha
Please forgive my room. The house isn't furnished and since I just drove my car, I don't have any furniture and no funds to buy any, thus the mess on the floor. I haven't come up with an organizational way to store all my stuff yet...maybe tomorrow? I'm thinking of getting apple boxes at the store. Anyway, here is my closet.

My one splurge. 4 drawer tupperware.
SOO lame. Man I will show you an after picture when I clean all that up!
I shouted for joy when I noticed this ceiling fan, literally shouted! and then I almost cried. Bliss!
I have 3 windows in my room with those "awesome" roller shades from like what the 60's? Sometimes they work though so thats nice.

On to the kitchen...Here is the sink. notice the empty place where a dishwasher could be, but where we keep the trash and recycling. All my pics are out of order so later we'll come back to the kitchen.

Off the kitchen is this dining room.
And off that is the sitting room. This picture makes it look even better than it is...
And off the sitting room is another sitting room, looks like a dumping ground. One of my roommates lives up in the attic and that is how you get to her room using that open doorway.
This door goes to the front balcony/porch. It looks with an actual old time key!
and into the hallway.the best part of the hallway is that awesome light. really it is awesome up close...and that mattress. hhhhmmmm,......
This stairway goes to the left of that coat closet and goes down to the front of the house.
This is the other side of the balcony/porch doorway. My one roommate Julie keeps her plants out there. Its kind of pretty really.
This is a close up shot of the stairway leading to the attic. Julie lives in half of it and then the other half is storage...its cool but not filled with much.
This is the door to my room. All of the doors have these cool crystal doorknobs.

Another view of my lovely room. Can you see my awesome air mattress bed? that leaks? I know. I am living the high life! hahaha

My roommate Amber lives in the lavender room. Its lovely and so is she.
and into the shower. I try to keep the curtain open in case a murderer is on the other side...

This is the gem of the bathroom. the backside of the door.
This is the hallway flooring....
Back to the kitchen....yes we have two fridges. One is unplugged because they didn't need it. I want to plug it in again since there isn't room...and we all know how I've wanted my own fridge :)

The kitchen laminate....yum.The other corner of the kitchen. My cupboard is the one on the bottom left with the door ajar.
And the washer and dryer! I think its the same kind that I had growing up! haha
This is going down the back stairway...creepy.
On the back deck thing. Don't go out there all the nails have been pulled up and you could die....
The view from the back. That is where we can park our cars. and the street. love the trees!
back yard...corner...thing.
this is the view of the side yard. the bulge on the left top is my room's windows.
Looking down the street out front.
Looking down the street in the back.
Back view of the house.
Ugly flooring in the creepy upstairs

The back staircase. reminds me of the Big Blue House a little. :)
Just wanted to give you a taste of what the walls look like.
Back door....
Back door floor...yum.
This is the garage full of junk that doesn't belong to us.

I might have taken these pictures while driving...BUT notice. Do you see lines on the road? Oh you don't? well the street I'm driving on has two lanes. You just have to pretend there are lines!
This is a placard outside of my house. seems interesting. might look into it further.
This is our "yard". We have a nice variety of weeds.
Here is my car! Big Blue. I love my car! Thanks to my wonderful Parents I have this awesome thing to drive in and our run muggers, stalkers, and crazy drivers.
Another street...

This road gets so backed up during rush hours. Its called Mystic Valley Parkway....

But at least there are ball fields to watch while you wait in line.

Boston skyline!

The Bridge in this picture is really cool and reminds me of the cable bridge in WA.

Its interesting to see the different plates around CT, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire. They sure are a lot prettier than Idaho and Colorado...
New love.
Hope you've enjoyed your pictorial view of my life in Boston thus far. Thank you to everyone who have helped me get out here and try to live a dream. much love!